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Small tables that fit in poufs and sofas

I have always thought that the multifunction pouf is an unhygienic nursery, I explain. He pouf it is used as seat occasional when there are more people at home than the account, such as footstool, to rest our feet, when we are at home at our ease and as table auxiliary when we do not have a center or a center is not enough and that is where it is what does not fit me. Food should not be placed, even in trays, in the same place where one supports the feet, everything is for what it is.

That's why the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese little ones seemed so good to me tables that are attached to a pouf, so that they do not occupy any space older but that allow a surface to support things, smoother and more stable than the pouf and specially designed for that. In addition the table can be moved and can be placed in different positions according to the needs of each moment, coupled in a pouf, or in the sofa and even in the bed, let's see some of the possibilities it offers us.

When we want to use the table in particular we place it in the pouf how we used to comment or in the sofa, in an area next to the one where we are sitting. The table surface can be oriented towards the inside or the Exterior of the sofa according to the proximity that interests us, depending on the things that we are going to place.

In for example if we want to support the laptop to work, a reading book or a soda ... Out if we want to support something that we are interested in having at hand, but that we are not using at that time, the TV remote control, an ashtray ...

If we place out, we can also take advantage of the base how shelf For books or magazine rack, the sofa is undoubtedly one of the most common places for reading at home, so having next to it what we are going to read is most logical.

And all this if we want to use the table in the living room, but we can also think about the use of a similar table in an office or a study or even in the bedroom. It can be coupled for example to a chaise longue individually, to set up a resting or reading corner, a foothold never hurts in these cases.

Or it can be attached to the bed, if we are interested in doing some activity from it, there are people who can't stand being in bed longer than those who spend sleeping, but there are others who can continue in it like who is on the couch, reading or working, for them this table coupled by a side, can be of great interest, because it can be closer to the person than the bedside table.

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