A compact vintage kitchen

In recent times I am seeing a resurgence of rustic air, especially in the second home. Who does not like to be in a rural house with details that remind us of the life of our grandmothers? Today I bring you one compact vintage kitchen I have fallen in love with.

This model kitchen Matilde Spoleto It is ideal for small houses and especially for rural houses. As you can see, the gas cooker, an oven, a sink and several shelves that perfectly fit the most common kitchen utensils are embedded. In addition, once finished using it closes with those two doors with windows so from the outside you can only see a cupboard.

I like the flirtatious details, very homely, which includes this kitchen as are the tiles of the background and the curtains, which I imagine will be customizable. Note that all the elements retain the vintage flavor we expect from such a piece, including the chrome tap and the clock on top of the closet.

This kitchen is for sale in Portobello Street for a price that starts from 4,066 euros plus VAT in its basic version, without countertop or accessories up to 8,893 euros in its most complete version. If you ask me I would take the most expensive because it must be very difficult find add-ons that they fit so well to their forms, and already set to pamper you maybe you do not care even if the price is doubled at the risk of not being able to complement it in other stores.

The good thing about this kitchen is that you can choose from large number of finishes (which also modify the price), from the most basic wood tones to other more "modern" colors but without losing the vintage air. If you can afford this kitchen, do not hesitate because you will have a piece for a long time.

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