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A series of which everyone spoke well was released a long time ago: Mad men. As one is as it is, at first I didn't pay much attention to the critics and let it pass. It wouldn't take long to regret it, specifically what lasted the first episode of the second season. So here I am, doing a marathon of the first season and looking forward to the week to advance in the second.

The series takes us to the sixties, an era that has always fascinated me with its aesthetics, and in this series the atmosphere is taken care of to the extreme. The main character is Don draper, an advertising executive who hides a hard and enigmatic past and lives a double, triple and sometimes quadruple love life. His home is a big house where he lives with his wife Betty and their two children.

The kitchen of the Draper is a recurring scenario in the series, this is where Betty ruminates her loneliness and her uncertainties and fulfills the role of perfect wife and great hostess that her husband and the time in which she lives demand him.

The kitchen has a certain rustic air thanks in large part to the honey-colored wooden furniture and the turned cornices that finish them off. He tartan that looks on the walls also has something to do with this. Pictures in brown tones flood the room, where the wood leaves space. Of generous dimensions and open to the dining room, there is plenty of room to work and eat in it.

A bar with a wooden foot and metallic envelope is one of the retro elements that most attracts my attention. The stove is built in and with it Betty has spent the best and worst times of her life. Three wooden stools rest next to her and looking up, we see a metal toaster of the time, so appreciated in these times.

Next to the entrance door there is a table where you eat daily. This is where the family waits for Don's arrival every night, although sometimes his dinner ends up waiting in the oven.

Next to one of the doors we see a double furnace embedded in a column, a beautiful piece to the point that I am always looking forward to Betty passing by or deciding to roast something to see it fully. A true gem.

The sink has a privileged layout, is located in front of the window, dressed in mid-rise curtains and topped by a steering wheel on top. A box of Ritz crackers is always ready to share flat, covert advertising stuff ...

And always at hand an ashtray, in this series everyone smokes, except children ... for the moment.

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