Not to miss on vacation: The unprecedented exhibition of Alfons Mucha with two kilometers of Czech art in Brno

During this year and until the end of it, specifically in the city of Brno, in the Exhibition Center, from the Czech Republic. He exhibits his works the known Czech artist Alfons Mucha. Is a wonderful opportunity to admire his immense canvases, within an unprecedented and unrepeatable exhibition fused with the architecture of the complex.

Almost two kilometers of works of art travel the building and, the room, expects to receive some 80,000 new visitors this year as a result of centenary of the Czech Republic and within the festival organization RE: publika.

The city of Moravia, avant-garde and cosmopolitan will house until January 31, 2018 The works of paintings and graphics by artist Alfons Mucha. The name of his exhibition is Two worlds and in it very different works are contrasted. Let's say you expose two poles of your activity within your praised career: a very commercial art collection full of commercials, posters, calendars, etc. (He was one of the most demanded artists for advertising campaigns) and nine canvases of the Slavic epic.

Alfons Mucha was born on July 24, 1860 in IvanĨice (Moravia). Has been considered one of the most influential artists in Art Nouveau. His works, at the beginning and as a misfortune has happened to great talents, was rejected by the Prague School of Fine Arts. After a successful turn it became one of the greatest artists of European decorative modernism.

In the two worlds (Two Worlds) you will find 150 female allegorical illustrations, 9 immense canvases They return to Brno after 88 years. A very special occasion to know in depth the modernist man who painted nymphs and goddesses with great mastery and 20 maxilienzos that transmit the celebrations of the united Slavic people and documents the ancient and mythological European culture, a work of many years and that he did as gratification towards his country.

  • Almost all his works are exhibited in golden moldings. The posters and their women are exhibited in the corridors and lower rooms while the 9 great works of the collection cover from floor to ceiling the diaphanous and spacious galleries of the H room of the Brno center, which also celebrates its 90th anniversary.

Visiting hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and apart from its price, 8 euros, you can choose to walk through the exhibition with audio guides. They have also been made takeaway reproductions and decorate your home remembering a complete holiday of art Precious truth?

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