The good design is discreet and timeless and this "Indoor-Outdoor" collection designed in 1959 is a good proof of that.

The Indoor-Outdoor collection was designed in 1959 by Danish architect and professor Bodil Kjær and is now a timeless classic in the history of design, now also edited by Carl Hansen & Son.

Bodil Kjær born in 1932 in Horsens, Denmark, is a furniture designer formed between London and Denmark.

One of the maxims that has defined the extensive and varied career of Bodil Kjær has been to create harmony between design and architecture, an ambition that, in 1959, gave rise to this elegant series of outdoor furniture characterized by its functionality and an aesthetic that also made it suitable for indoor use.

For Bodil Kjær, design has always been related to architecture, and his work has been created for people. Often, their projects have been the answer to a need for concrete aesthetic and functional interaction between buildings, spaces and interiors and in the design of this series the same thing happened.

Indoor-Outdoor It is a series of furniture designed to order for the US market.

In 1959, Kjær was commissioned to design a series of outdoor furniture that aged without losing its charm and offered comfort to sit and relax.

Kjær herself set out to make the furniture look like a natural continuation of the surrounding architecture. Based on the philosophy that the scale of furniture must be proportional to its surroundings, the dimensions of the exterior spaces came to play a fundamental role in the size and appearance of the furniture.

Another fundamental principle was to try to design furniture that could withstand the variations of a changing climate with wind, sun, salt, snow, fog and fog.

In the words of Kjær herself "In 1959, when I designed the furniture, no special importance was attached to the aesthetics of outdoor furniture in the US. The outdoor furniture was mainly composed of isolated objects completely unrelated to the architecture of the time. I, on the contrary , considered the furniture as an architectural element whose size should be related to the surrounding spaces.In the same way, the outdoor furniture had to be in line with the style of the buildings.The outdoor spaces essentially need furniture of a certain size to achieve a harmonious set ".

Elements that make up the Indoor Outdoor series

The result is a very complete series that consists of an armchair, a side table whose height coincides with that of the armchair, a dining table, a dining chair, a two-seater sofa, a seesaw and a deck chair, all inspired in the language of cubist modernist style, which has been shown to maintain its appeal permanently over time. The series has been manufactured in several types of robust and noble wood such as mahogany, teak and ash.

Currently, Carl Hansen & Son returns to the market the classic series of Kjær in solid teak, which resists changing weather conditions, ages perfectly and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Clear and precise forms

The aim of Bodil Kjær was never to create sculptural concepts, but rather to find functional, economic and aesthetic solutions. As a furniture designer, Kjær has always been concerned about how to build furniture from a purely technical perspective, from the inside out, instead of based on the shape.

But this way of designing also results in such elegant pieces as the Indoor-Outdoor series that also radiates warmth and precision.

The armchair It has an inclined shape. The seat and the backrest, built with slats, are supported by two perfectly assembled squares formed by the armrests, the legs and their bases, detail that requires a great skill skill. The tables, the sofa and the rocker They follow the same geometric principle. The sunbed It has a long seat with slats and an adjustable backrest. The dining chair design repeats the same pattern as the armchair, but with a wider support structure.

Today, the furniture continues to transmit the essence of Kjær's design, with durable materials, joints and construction.

The only change is the height of the pieces, which has been adjusted to adapt it to modern human proportions because good design is timeless but the human scale changes over time.

All seats, chairs and sunbeds can be supplied with mats made of weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric and the complete series will be available in stores and suppliers of Carl & Hansen from spring 2019. The approximate sales prices from € 670. to € 1,341 (VAT not included).

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