Outdoor dinners: Nine keys to an exterior full of magic

The good weather is visible, with the time change the days are longer and with this space of time, the luminosity is much more enjoyed. In a very short time we will be able to fully enjoy the outdoor areas both day and night and these spaces will be amortized much more. So it's time to get them ready and go thinking about Decorations and nighttime options to enjoy outdoor dinners full of comfort and good vibes.

1 Opt for nice furniture

One of the main keys for our guests or for ourselves is to have comfortable furniture in which to have a snack before settling for dinner in the outdoor dining room or vice versa use this area to rest after a good dinner. There are many models of furniture of great design and outdoor. They currently have long durability and easy and simple maintenance. Can be attach cushions that make these areas even more comfortable and stand out for their color, fabrics and prints or chairs with chailongue that will be dreamy. All this combined with one or several low tables will be correct. Ceramic drum-shaped tables and colorful drawings is a decorative inclination to bet on.

2 stylish dining rooms

A table according to an outdoor seating is the first step. Eclectic environments can be created by combining a variety of furniture but retaining rules of conjunction and styles. You can choose garden dining sets or invent your own style and representation.

It is very important that dinner deserves a well dressed table. A tablecloth according to the decoration is essential as well as the utensils that being a more spring or summer season is a success complement it with bright and colorful colors.

3 Create chill out zones

At certain times, you will definitely want to see the sky and enjoy the stars that can be seen in this next season. For this we show you exterior with areas to lie down and relax. It can opt for poufs, sunbeds, hanging chairs and even resort to fashion pallets with which to create comfortable armchairs in which to lie down deliciously. The most used colors are white, gray and turquoise that sets the trend outdoors.

4 Creative and functional roofs

Higher spaces can be dressed and decorate with hanging fabrics that float in the breeze and provide light and moving effects. Other options and that reserve more of the night humidity are the umbrellas and the roofs of work, wooden pergolas, glass and even awnings designed specifically for these environments.

5 Decorate the walls outdoors

As in the interior of a house, the decoration of one or several walls is very important. They are more pleasing to the eye and the spaces are more complete. We detail proposals such as: paintings, mirrors, artificial wall lighting, summer motifs such as starfish, shells and even a vertical garden.

6 Charming floors

The keys to cover the pavement or part of it and thus define a specific area are very versatile. From a natural grass we can opt for an artificial one. The light carpets of colorful fibers or cotton are spectacular and even the platforms with wooden slats. They generate visually delimited and reserved spaces.

7 Lighting Details

With an artificial lighting we manage to give light to the spaces that need it and in turn create a different environment according to its location and direction of its projection. Too It can be decorated and illuminated with colored lights like the blue ones that invite you to relax or alternative illuminations in which different shades run every so often. Garlands with light bulbs are another lighting option.

8 Include vegetation

Banana trees, palm trees, trees, cacti and many more varieties that both in terrariums and in pots are a complement to integrate into the decoration of our outdoor areas and that will connect an outdoor dinner with the power of nature. At present, we are committed to vertical gardens and with simple lattices or pallets full of pots with hanging plants this trend can be achieved.

9 Movable and decorative accessories

The ninth and final key is the final decoration brooch. With candles, lanterns and good music we will have a comfortable and very hospitable atmosphere. They can be arranged on the ground and distributed throughout the stay will be a success. If the outdoor area includes a pool or jacuzzi there are floating candles to decorate. Other options are the side tables that light up, and movable floor ball lamps and with very welcoming effects.

These nine keys are the perfect components for an outdoor dinner to run with total decorative success.

Video: Art and Industry Make Magic in a Pittsburgh Loft (December 2019).

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