15 characteristics that the perfect house in Spain would have according to a study by Houzz

Companies like Houzz have insider information about home renovations and that is why they know better than anyone what we like and what they are the characteristics of that house that we don't have, but with which we dream. Luxurious marble-clad bathrooms, modern but functional kitchens and with laundry or movie theaters are some of the spaces that the Spanish most desire.

The best home decoration projects in Spain are awarded this January with the prize Best of Houzz 2017; they are the interiors of a stately apartment in the center of Madrid; of a Nordic style apartment in Barcelona; of a house on the edge of the Mediterranean and an attic under the sky of Valencia, among others. It follows that we dream, for example, of a lounge, practical and functional like the one designed by Susanna Cots that you can see in the photo about these lines.

He receiver we want it cheerful, like Nimu's photo on these lines, perfect for a home in the Plaza de Olavide in Madrid. Among its most desirable details are the practical library and the colorful coat hanger Hang it all, by Charles and Ray Eames for Vitra.

He dining room we like glamorous. Like the one signed by the interior designer Marisa Gallo who has a harmonious mixture of materials, achieving a set of warm spaces and great comfort.

The work area we look stylish. There are many who work from home dream of a workspace like the one in the photo on these lines in the gallery of a Madrid house and created by Architect View Products.

He bathroom we prefer zen. We adore an intelligent distribution, with the shower area at the bottom next to a window and combining wood and marble.

The terrace has to be rustic and lush. In the Houzz awards, this one in Barcelona is designed by BCA Interiors SL that you can see in the photo about these lines.

We also want a contemporary kitchen; with its office area, like the one that has been awarded by Houzz, with black tiles and the work of one of the fashionable couples in Spanish interior design, Egue and Seta.

He master bedroom we imagine it organic, like this one with bamboo headboard by Ana Béjar Interiorismo, located on the edge of the Mediterranean, but you can see in the photo about these lines.

He dressing room must be wide. We already assumed that, but this has been the premise of an attic in the center of Valencia created by the Ambau studio.

The study area we like balanced. Meritxell Ribé, from The Room Studio, has been the creator of this clean, well-lit space, with shelves for storing with order and head that has won a prize.

He laundry we want it spacious. The laundry and ironing areas become essential, especially those of Deulonder, one of the leading firms in this regard.

He children's bedroom we see it double and blank, like the one in the photo about these lines, creation of Covadonga Cánovas in Madrid.

He inner courtyard that you liked the most is minimalist; with a raw wall, a wooden platform and the Trimmer chairs of the DVELAS studio is another of the environments that have received an award.

The natural pool integrated into the landscape like that of ZEST Architecture that we can see in the image on these lines is one of the most desired.

And we finish with a full gym and it seems that although it seems a luxury within the reach of few, more and more are adding to the tendency of having the gym at home.

What do you think? Do these proposals coincide with those of the house of your dreams Or is there a room that you would have imagined otherwise?

Video: How I Made It: Interior Design and Architecture (December 2019).

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