Plan a dream dressing room: everything you can't miss

Dressing rooms they have become that room that everyone wants to have but that very few possess. Although it is also true that more and more people accumulate so much clothing that they opt for allocate one of the rooms in the house as a dressing room, a great idea if in your bedroom you don't have adequate space for it. With these proposals of Leroy Merlin you will surely find how to shape the dressing room of your dreams.

Areas for all types of clothing

If we look at a conventional closet we can see that it usually has drawers and a top bar to hang all kinds of garments. This is still something very common but not for that reason. The garments are very different from each other and what is clear is that not all require the same space or the same way of storage, so it is very important that you feel to think about the needs you have at all times.

There are everyday garments, such as shirts, for example, they must be hung just like winter coats, but these two types of clothing do not occupy the same. For them it is essential adjust the gap of the shirts with an adequate height and then start with space for other types of clothing, while in the coats we can leave an entire vertical column.

The same goes for knitwear and cotton that may be better preserved in a folded manner and supported by wooden shelves so, no doubt, this object is also essential in any dressing room. A corner for shoes is vital, if you have many you can choose to store them in shelves in the same way and if you do not give so much importance to this complement you must place it on the floor under all the hangers.

Do I prefer an open or closed dressing room?

This has a lot to do with the location where you decide to project your dressing room. It is not the same to have a separate and dedicated room exclusively for it, than to have it in the room itself in a connected way. But also it depends a lot on the tastes of each person and more importantly, the order that we are willing to keep.

If you choose the option of an isolated room, the best way is to leave everything in sight, with the possibility of closing the door when you have everything a bit messy. If you are inside the bedroom you can always choose to cover it with some type of wooden or glass doors and if you have it connected to the room you may want to create a transition step between both rooms, this will be achieved easily with a beautiful curtain or also with a glass column that allows you to isolate the dressing room or not according to your needs.

An interesting decoration

You don't have to create a boring dressing room without identity, looking like a store is not the most suitable for a home, especially when all the decoration of your house is very thought. So if you decide to put all the furniture in white it would be perfect to accessorize the space with decorative elements such as colored hangers or velvet, and also wallpaper the walls of it with a fun wallpaper that goes with the decoration of the house.

An exhibition in any mall is not the same as everyday reality, so nothing happens if our dressing room is somewhat messy, since it is the most normal thing in the world. But if at any time you have a surprise visit it is always good to have a laundry basket inside (if you can camouflage it much better) and an area with drawers or doors so that everything is not completely exposed, surely there are clothes or accessories that you do not want to be seen.

The carpets are also very typical elements in the dressing rooms, they are usually placed in the center and are very comfortable for the waiting time while you think you wear. Another piece of furniture very common in these types of spaces is the dressing tables or small tables in which to put all the beauty products you need to touch up just after dressing and before leaving through the door of the house.

A dressing room doesn't have to be expensive

Perhaps in the minds of many people you have the thought that the dressing rooms are for families with a quite high purchasing power but it doesn't have to be that way. The truth is that fashion is in full swing and prices are very varied so that more and more people accumulate many clothes at home and the need to store them perfectly does not distinguish classes or purchasing powers.

If you want to have a dream dressing room and you are also a lover of DIY you can always choose to make it yourself and it is that, without any doubt, with some wooden planks, some drawers and some hanging bar you can get a perfect and custom made dressing . You will find everything you need on the Leroy Merlin website.

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