Who said the paper was dead? Hóptimo shows us that it is not like that

It seems that the paper is in decline. With the amount of laptops, tablets, e-books and smartphones we have in our lives, one might think that the written press, books or the traditional notebook are dead. Even paper posters seem to be threatened with death with digital advertising screens ...

But no. We are still many who like the smell of paper from the newspaper when we drink coffee in the morning, the touch of a book on a rainy winter afternoon, or posters to decorate a corner of our house. And precisely, if you like posters, then you will love the online store that we bring you today. A beautiful store called Hóptimo. Yes, Hóptimo with h, is not a typo.

And they sell beautiful posters to decorate the hall, the children's room or our office. They define themselves as a perfect shop for everyone who loses their heads for paper. And the truth is that it is so, because in the different sections of this online store we can find posters, illustrations, maps, books, advertisements, original drawings ...

In Hóptimo they select and recover pieces that they have been passionate about, with special predilection for articles from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Particularly I have been caught by the French school posters of the late 60s that appear on the cover of the post, ideal for decorating the children's room now that the school year has begun.

But there are also original movie posters, double posters of French scenes of the 60s, original drawings, cartography, fashion figurines ... A whole universe of paper for lovers of real retro posters.

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