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Making the most of natural light with VELUX solar blinds

Sunlight in summer has pros and cons, we start with how bad it is how much the house can overheat us, something that we know especially well those who live in an attic, but on the other hand it has many advantages that we can take advantage of, as is the fact that it provides a lot of energy.

VELUX has in its collection to protect the home in summer which we could consider as the queen of the blinds, the solar blind. This blind can reduce heat by up to 96% by avoiding the contact of the sun's rays on the window and also improves the sound insulation and increases the safety of the under cover. But the best thing is that this blind works with solar energy.

The blind captures solar energy through a photovoltaic cell that is integrated in the blind and it operates comfortably with a remote control. It is the ideal solution for windows that are far from the reach of the hand and the installation is simple because it does not require electrical installation.

Such a blind can provide total dimming and saves energy by reducing the use of air conditioners. Obviously It is also compatible with curtains as a complement to other situations and the blind can still be useful in winter, there is also sunlight and it is also interesting to get dark at specific times.

The blinds of my roof windows are manual and clearly this idea of ​​solar seems excellent to me. And you, how do you see it?

Video: VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights Transform Rooms with Natural Light (December 2019).

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