The dreamlike lighting of a summer night

Sure there are One night every summer you remember her so dearly that you do not forget for years, that special night you spent with your friends or partner and that you would like to live it again at any time. Surely you don't forget about the light of the stars or the moon, so it is very simple to get a dream summer night with perfect lighting for every occasion, like the one you will find in these proposals by Leroy Merlin.

Geometric lighting

If you want to convey to your guests that you are in love with the latest trends in decoration This will be your best choice. You can find illuminated geometric figures of different sizes and colors, something surprising that is fabulous on the edge or inside the pool. The memory of the round moon or that of a square lantern At the moment, color and size you decide.

The recommendation on this decoration is that you do it with a certain range, if you choose a special color do it for all the pieces. With this you will get a very elegant and safe decoration that nobody can forget that summer night.

The tradition that you still love

There are very modern elements but also others that we have seen throughout life and that today they continue to play a fundamental role in decoration. Who doesn't like Parisian terraces Where the streetlights illuminate the tables when the sun goes down? You can achieve this easily with a typical lamppost. You can place it in the area that you like best on your porch or terrace but the best option is to put it next to a table with two chairs, the romantic date is guaranteed.

Simple elements with very optimal results

In many occasions the simplest is the most elegant and I think this proposal is one of the simplest but also one of the most elegant and current. It is a trend in almost all parts of the world and to get it you will only have to buy meters of cable with simple light bulbs and travel your terrace or porch. The result is spectacular since at night it will appear that the stars have dropped a little more than normal and are illuminating the area in which you are.

The candlelight

If you suddenly have dinner and you have no decoration prepared, this will be your salvation. Buy many small candles and put them all over the terrace or garden, also by the table, the edge of the pool and any place you can. When you turn them on you will turn a room without light and simple into a beautiful space, with a very elegant lighting and for the memory.

A led, an illusion

With the strips of led lights you can really get everything you want, illuminate a particular object with a particular tone, give light only to an area and object to add importance or simply get indirect lighting in your favorite corner. Very simple to place and especially with a spectacular result, surely nobody forgets that work of art that you have achieved this summer.

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